Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lazzara Yachts

Lazzara Yachts
“God only gives you so many days, but the ones you spend at sea don’t count against you.”

I was very impressed by the Lazzara operation. Lazzara is a boat manufactoring company that desgins, creates and outfits their boats from start to finish in 10 months. The company started when the Lazzara's realized their was a whole in the yachting industry. They started creating smaller yachts that had the luxury and feel of bigger luxury yachts.

“ When the other components are ready, the interior module is lifted up and lowered into the hull.  It is precisely fitted and mounted atop Lazzara’s patented isolation system, which is series of rubber pads used to eliminate vibration.” This system of putting in the interior is truely unique to the Lazzara company/boats.
Lazzara boats have won numerous awards and are considered to be at the forefront of yacht design. 

I am truly impressed with not only the interior design but also the technology and innovation used to produce each interior. I have yet to see an interior I wasn’t awed by. Each one has a certain level of class and charm.  Lazzara is famous for putting a stylish interior into a smaller yacht, thus creating a whole new yachting market.

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