Sunday, April 24, 2011

another example of how design can effect people... and their beliefs.

I went to church with my family this morning for the Easter service. We usually go to the service in the chapel when we go to church, but today we sat in the large church.
Video of the Church of Incarnation

I grew up going to a traditional Episcapalian service 5-6 days a week. I was very surprised when my mother mentioned that the church had started a new service called 'Uptown' to try and reach a younger group of non-believer by having a contemporary service. Your probably asking yourself what this has to do with design. A traditional Episcopalian service is very similar to a Catholic service. We sit, stand and kneel and have a 'dialogue' we repeat each week before and after the sermon. The Contemporary service has a televisions, and a live band and generally held in a large auditorium like room, not the church.

This brings me to the question of whiether the design of the church effect how people interact and believe??

The answer is yes.

According to the Church of the Incarnation's website: Many people today don’t connect with church. They’re still looking for a place to call home. They have a hard time connecting how this ancient faith impacts their present reality. The Uptown community at Church of the Incarnation seeks to reach out to people where they are by engaging in a community where.

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