Sunday, January 30, 2011

...a house to LIVE in

Today as I was flipping channels on my TV, I came across a show on the travel channel about the most extravagant ski houses. I loved it, and if you have any interest in doing residential design I would suggest watching it. It shows what the top of the residential chain looks like. I went under the website to try to get the name of the show... no luck!(I will keep trying to find it and post it when I do.)

There was one house in perticular that really captured my interest. It was a 'retirement' home for a couple. The wife designed every room. The over all style of the house was the a big rustic lodge. What made the house so interesting was the way the owner incorperated all of her art into the house and the design. The artwork consisted of statues, rugs, paintings from around the world and from various cultures. With so many different ethinic symbols in the house, one would think it would feel so overwelming and busy. But not so! She was able to weave each peice in so that it was showcased, but the didn't overpower any other piece or the architecture of the house.

Another interesting fact about the house, is most of the materials are all reused...Ex: The boulders (yes boulders! a crane was used to put them in) for the fireplace, to the beams (reused from the previous house on the property) or the stonework (found around the area). So in essiance the whole house was part of the place it was built. 

In the basement was a movie theatre room. It was constructed to look like a cave (the ceiling sort of resembled a obscure barrel vault). Local stone was used on the ceiling and walls. The room looked amazing! The atmosphere that was created was the perfect for movie viewing. The only question I had was about the acoustics. With that much stone the noise would bounce around.

I think what grabbed me most about the house:
-was the fact that the designer was able to talk about her goal in captureing the views from surrounding mountains
-use of local materials
-show off the owners interests and hobbies
-have room for the whole family (many grandkids!)
-Each room was so well executed for its purpose. And done with style.
-It was absolutely beautiful. I'd move in, in a heart beat.

On a final note: 
When the wife homeowner told her husband she wanted to design a house for them, he said "I already have the house I intend to die in." She said, "Then let me build you a house to LIVE in." ...What an interesting concept.

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