Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mixing Function with Imagination

“Watching someone move up or down a staircase presents important moments that you can choreograph. It's all about the person moving through space and providing them with drama.”

I recieved an email with some of these images and I wanted to see more! There isn't really anything written on this type of stair design, but the pictures talk for themselves!

Recipe for successful stairs
1.Form follows function
2. Comfort
3.A designer
4. Follow local codes
5. Skilled craftsman

 Crazy Stairs from around the World

A stair case disguised as a tree

The new jungle gym!

  Designers have started taking a basic, usually uneventful stair and now make it the center of attention. This building staple has been around since the first multi-story building.

This one makes me dizzy
Would you want one of these in your house?

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